Reasons to Date a Country Boy

country man dating

Country boys and cowboys have this unique appeal that just makes the ladies go weak in the knees. After all, who can resist those sexy legs clad in boots while riding a horse? Ask any hot country guys and they will surely tell you all the good reasons to date a country boy and ditch those city lads.

Although not all women fantasize about dating a countryman, there are actually plenty of good reasons to bring the life those Dixie Chicks lyrics and search for that cowboy that will sweep you off your feet, or at least take you out on several exciting dates.

Read on below to learn some of the top reasons for you to start looking for a country boy of your dreams soon:

Country Boys are Certified Animal Lovers

There is a big chance that you will meet a country boy who grew up surrounded by all sorts of animals, including cats, dogs, horses, and cows. Experts have reached a consensus that people who look after animals have a higher tendency to feel a positive connection towards their relationships and communities compared to those who do not. Who wouldn’t want to have an animal-loving boyfriend who is community-minded and caring at the same time, right?

Country Boys are in Great Shape

Both physical health and mental health can benefit from spending long hours outdoors. Aside from the fact that being outside is often associated with some kind of physical activity, it has also been discovered that those who live close to green space tend to have a longer lifespan than those who don’t. One more exciting benefit to all those activities in the great outdoors when living a country life is none other than muscles. Now, who wouldn’t want to embrace a buffed man?

Country Boys are Decently Happy

Even if this one might be common sense, the scientific field has started to prove the wonderful benefits that the human mind gets to enjoy from spending more time outside. It was discovered that those who relocated to places with green space have enjoyed better wellbeing than those living in urban areas. Going out on dates with a country boy who spends time outdoors is great news for his own levels of happiness and this is great news for you as well in turn.

Country Boys are Resourceful

There are lots of skills that one can learn while growing up and living in the country. These include fending off all varieties of unwanted animal visitors to knowing how to plant and maintain a garden. Now that the world is becoming more urban than ever before, it is always a nice break to meet a man who appreciates and understands nature, and have him by your side. It wouldn’t even take him long to change a flat tire, either.

Country Boys Can Take You Out for Hours of Romantic Horseback Rides

When your country boy date is also a cowboy, you can expect to spend lots of time out in the saddle. While romantic dinners are great, a leisurely horseback ride with the sunset on the backdrop is definitely more unforgettable.