Over the years, we have seen online dating grow from a mocked and derided way to meet the love of your life to have an app in your pocket that can connect you with the man or woman of your dreams in seconds through a direct message. We have seen the market grow from a plain vanilla profile and about section to complex algorithms and unique tastes like Country Dating Sites. There have never been more options specifically catered to you, and you deserve to be protected while searching for your next partner.

That is what inspired us to launch Country Dating Sites. To protect you as you open up and search for your next love with our expertise in the online dating world. Following years upon years of experience, we can show you what websites you can trust and which ones to avoid. We can share the reviews of trustworthy individuals and media organizations and help to hide the spam that may show up in your Google searches. This third-party site will be home to unbiased opinions and genuine reviews of the sites you are searching for, and we hope you find it an invaluable resource as you start your journey.

Our Team and What We Do

We have assembled a team of dating lifers. No, not the people who have dated their whole lives with no intention of settling down. People who have spent their who lives in the dating industry. Watching it grow and change and being a part of that evolution. They know the ins and outs of the dating industry. They focus on matchmaking, ease of access, usability, and so much more. We know what makes a good site and what makes a bad site. How to spot scams and bots and how to spot real people looking for real matches.

We continually update this site as things change quickly online. A good site can take a turn for the worse and try to save their reputation by growing a bot presence and ignoring security. A bad site can work hard to reestablish itself. New competitors can join the fray and they need to be reviewed just like everyone else. So even if your first relationship doesn’t work out or you’re stuck between a couple of options, you can return to this site and see what website should earn your business this time.